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Software Copyright: Firm Settles Infringement Claim For $50 Million

By Eric Misterovich

Irving, Texas enterprise software firm Apptricity Corp. has settled its copyright infringement lawsuit against the US Army for $50 million and has kept its position as a vendor for the government. Apptricity provides the US Army with enterprise-level software to help the Army keep track of personnel and equipment.

Initially, Apptricity licensed the software to the US Army for use on three servers. By 2007, however, Apptricity had become a fully integrated software provider for the US Army and, in 2008, it soon learned that the US Army was using its software on unlicensed machines. In February 2012, Apptricity filed suit in the Court of Federal Claims claiming software copyright infringement and seeking $224.5 million in damages. Since both parties rely on each other, the case was ultimately settled.

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