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The Cobbler Bittorrent Lawsuits

By John DiGiacomo

A new copyright troll lawsuit has been filed in the Eastern District of Michigan by the owner of the copyrighted motion picture The Cobbler (Plaintiff). Plaintiff is gathering IP addresses of John Doe defendants that allegedly downloaded The Cobbler without permission using a BitTorrent platform.

Plaintiff’s lawsuit is a classic example of copyright trolling, a term used to describe aggressive litigation against individual consumers. Although copyright trolls legally enforce their rights in creative works, the practice of trolling is looked down upon as not within the spirit of the law. Copyright law serves to incentivize and spur the creation of creative works, not to provide copyright owners an easy money grab once their work has been released.

In the The Cobbler case, attorney Paul J. Nicoletti filed a complaint on behalf of Plaintiff against 26 defendants in the Eastern District of Michigan on May 25, 2015. Defendants will most likely receive communications from their Internet service provider telling them that the ISP will release their information to Plaintiff if the matter is not settled before a certain date.

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