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Website Content Copyright

By Eric Misterovich

Clients often ask how they can get a website content copyright. Filing for copyright registration for website content can be tricky because website content changes on a regular basis. Though it can be tricky, it is important to file for a website content copyright because the value of website content can be difficult to prove in litigation. Since copyright registration provides the registrant with the ability to obtain statutory damages of up to $150,000 per work infringed, registration provides measurable benefits to website content owners.

To file for registration of website content, it is best to speak with a copyright lawyer. Since a copyright registration deposit is a snapshot in time, and because a registration extends only to the content contained within the deposit, it is important to work with a copyright attorney to identify a registration plan that will meet the specific needs of the website owner. For many websites, it may make sense to register for copyright protection on a quarterly basis to ensure that statutory damages are available.

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