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Every Mobile App Needs an End User License Agreement

By John DiGiacomo

Every developer and every app have different needs, but largely a EULA exists to protect the developer from potential harm that the consuming public could cause. There are three main ways a developer’s app goes beyond what the App Store user agreement already covers.

  • Payments: When there are in-app purchases or, potentially, physical items that users can buy through the app, more laws with different jurisdictional statutes will apply. This isn’t a rare concept; most apps have in-game purchases of some sort. However, Apple does not cover these consumer issues within its own User Agreement, and therefore developers must create their own within the app.
  • User Content: Depending on the application, end users can be required to input information or create new content based on their game play. This is not covered by the generic user agreement and may require additional terms and conditions for the user to agree to in order to avoid third-party conflict.
  • High Risk Apps: This is unlikely in gaming apps, but some new creative games may require the user to do something that is beyond a risk that he or she would incur within the confines of their own home. If this were the case, the developer would likely want liability protections beyond that of the App Store User Agreement.

Where is the EULA placed?

The EULA can usually be found when an app is first opened after being downloaded. This ensures that the user will see the EULA before partaking in any aspect of the app past the initial download. It could also be prompted by taking certain actions in the app that go beyond its EULA. For example, if a monetary transaction is required, then the developer may desire to have the EULA requirement show again prior to the consumer’s continued action.

Mobile App Attorneys

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