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Could Uber Have Prevented Kalamazoo Shooting?

By John DiGiacomo

Approximately a half an hour before the first shooting was reported, the following post appeared on Facebook:

Kalamazoo Facebook Uber Shooter





























It is alleged that this post concerned Jason Brian Dalton, the alleged shooter. MLive reports that Ms. Waite called 911 and reported Mr. Dalton’s erratic behavior. And other third parties are reporting that Mr. Dalton may have dropped passengers off in between shootings.

Uber is certainly no stranger to passenger safety controversy, and we know from prior reporting that it has the ability to permanently deactivate the accounts of reckless drivers. But as the facts unfold, we can only wonder if Uber could have done more to detect this alleged driver’s erratic behavior, whether through software flags that identify a driver’s excessive rates of speed or through complaints from users such as Ms. Waite.

We hope that the police will act quickly to solve this crime and our thoughts are with the victims of this horrible tragedy.

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