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Defamation of Character on the Internet

By Eric Misterovich

In the modern world, defamation of character on the Internet is pervasive. Whether the defamatory post was made by a forum troll or a business competitor, defamation of character on the Internet can be a very serious issue because, once indexed and spread, it can be very difficult to remove or control. Worse, if you do not take action, Internet defamation will not go away.


Revision Legal’s Internet lawyers are experts at dealing with defamation of character on the Internet. Our attorneys not only understand the law surrounding defamation, false light invasion of privacy, the right of publicity, and other related torts, but our attorneys are also experts in Internet technology. Our lawyers understand how to get defamatory postings removed from the Internet permanently, not just pushed down in the search engine rankings through “reputation management” services.


Revision Legal’s Internet defamation lawyers have litigated online defamation matters in courts around the country, including in courts of appeals. If you are faced with a defamation of character matter, contact the experts at Revision Legal. We will help you permanently resolve your defamation issue.

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