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Domain Theft – YINZHONG XIE

By Eric Misterovich

Revision Legal attorneys regularly assist individuals and businesses that have been the subject of domain theft. Recently, we have learned of one individual that may be connected to these activities.

Specifically, we are aware that multiple domain names have been reported as stolen and now list an individual by the name of YINZHONG XIE as the Registrant on WHOIS records. These records also display an email of W2KKUUICOM@GMAIL.COM. 

If you have lost access and control over your domain names, and you now see a registrant named YINZHONG XIE on the relevant WHOIS records, it is suggested you take immediate action to recover your property. 

Our Internet attorneys have handled these types of matters and understand the stress and confusion that comes with domain theft. Often times clients are facing losses of extremely valuable domain names. Understanding this pressure, we work as quickly as possible to expedite the judicial process to return the domain names to their rightful owner.

If you are facing domain theft issues, contact our attorneys today through the contact form on this screen.

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