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Getting Defamatory Statements Removed

By Eric Misterovich

Revision Legal’s Internet slander attorneys regularly help victims of Internet slander remove defamatory statements from the Internet. Unfortunately, Internet slander is becoming increasingly common, and, if it is not removed in a timely manner, it may become extremely difficult to stop the spread of Internet slander. Our Internet slander attorneys are experts in removing Internet slander from the web.

Under common law, slander on the Internet is falls under the legal definition of defamation. To prove a claim for defamation, a plaintiff must establish:

  1. That the defendant published a false and defamatory statement concerning the plaintiff;
  2. That the defendant published the false and defamatory statement to a third party;
  3. That the defendant published the false and defamatory statement with fault amounting to at least negligence; and
  4. That the plaintiff was damaged by the publication of the statement.

Additionally, other common law causes of action may apply, such as false light invasion of privacy or intrusion upon seclusion.

If you have been targeted by defamatory statements on the Internet, contact our Internet slander attorneys today for a consultation.

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