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Internet Slander Attorneys

By Eric Misterovich

Revision Legal’s attorneys are Internet slander attorneys and experts in the removal and prosecution of Internet slander. Slander is the non-written publication of false and defamatory statements and is commonly confused with libel, which is the publication of written false and defamatory statements. Consequently, Internet slander is, in fact, Internet libel because the Internet is typically a written, and not oral, medium.

Our Internet slander attorneys have handled Internet slander matters in state courts and court of appeals around the country. If you have been targeted by Internet slander, our attorneys will analyze your case and provide you with their advice on the best way to remove slander on the Internet. Our attorneys not only understand Internet slander law, but they also understand the underlying technology of the Internet, which is key to permanently removing Internet slander.

If you are a victim of Internet slander, contact our Internet slander attorneys today at 855-473-8474 or fill out the contact form to your right.

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