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Stolen Cell Phone Pictures – Pensacola, Florida

By Eric Misterovich

The newest example of revenge porn allegedly comes from a Sprint store located at 6601 N. Davis Highway, Pensacola, Florida. It is alleged that a Sprint employee, while serving a customer, downloaded sexually explicit content from her phone and posted it to multiple pornographic websites. It is our understanding this event is currently being investigated. Of course, this investigation is required to confirm these allegations. But, employees stealing photos from customers’ phones is nothing new: example 1, 2, and 3. Stolen cell photo photos are just one example of a growing trend in the world of revenge porn.

Experienced Attorneys

We help revenge porn victims. We are listed on resources such as, we have been quoted by the Economist, and we and have urged states to adopt laws to combat this action.

The message we want to convey is that if you are a victim, you can take the power back. We became attorneys to help people solve problems. And there is nothing more enjoyable than turning a victim into the power broker.

Cause of Action

We help clients file revenge porn lawsuits. Every lawsuit has a “cause of action.” This is the claim you are making against a defendant. For example, you sue Jack for “breach of contract” when Jack fails to fulfill a contractual obligation. But what causes of action are proper for revenge porn?

In an interesting twist, the causes of action are not newly enacted laws, but rather, laws that have been on the books for decades: invasion of privacy. Most states recognize four separate causes of action under the invasion of privacy umbrella: false light, intrusion upon seclusion, publication of private facts, and appropriation of name or likeness.

Depending on the facts, some or all of those privacy interests may force a strong cause of action for a revenge porn case. And these lawsuits can result in substantial monetary awards.

Getting Help

If you are a victim, or if you believe employees at a Sprint store in Pensacola, Florida stole your cell phone photos, contact our attorneys using the form on this page or call us at855-473-8474.

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