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Esports Intellectual Property Lawyers

Esports Intellectual Property Lawyers: Gaming Law

Like any business, esports businesses must protect their various forms of intellectual property (“IP”). IP can be valuable. Indeed, with some esports businesses, the largest component of their business valuation is their IP, including trademarks, copyrights, patent rights, domain name registrations, and trade secrets. IP can also include various assignments, licenses, and other permission-granting contractual… READ MORE

ecommerce acquisition lawyer

E-Commerce Acquisition Lawyers

Revision Legal is a law firm focusing on e-commerce and internet law with deep experience in providing legal services with respect to mergers and acquisitions of e-commerce businesses. E-commerce is, of course, businesses that make money online. But that “online” aspect presents unique legal and practical challenges for e-commerce acquisitions. Any business acquisition requires a… READ MORE

YouTube Lawyer

Does a Youtuber Need a Lawyer?

If you plan to be a serious YouTuber, then you will need good internet law lawyers. As just one example, if you put copyright-protected images or videos in your YouTube uploads, you risk being accused of copyright infringement unless you have prior permission to use the material, have a “fair use” basis for the use,… READ MORE

CPRA Data Retention Schedules

CPRA Data Retention Schedules

The California Privacy Rights Act (“CPRA”) requires that companies that collect and process consumer private information must publish — disclose — their policies with respect to retention of data. That is, companies must disclose the company’s policies for how long certain types of information will be stored and when the information will be deleted. More… READ MORE

California Privacy Rights Act

California Privacy Rights Act Summary

California was the first State in the U.S. that enacted a consumer privacy statute called the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”). Via a successful ballot initiative, the CCPA was amended by the California Privacy Rights Act (“CPRA”) to enhance and expand the rights and protections that were provided by the CCPA. This article offers a… READ MORE

Montana Consumer Data Privacy

Summary of the New Montana Consumer Data Privacy Act (Part Two)

As noted in Part One of this article, in May 2023, Montana passed the “Montana Consumer Data Privacy Act” (“MCDPA”), which will take effect in October 2024. In Part One, we summarized the applicability of the MCDPA and the rights that are given to Montana consumers while pointing out some oddities and unique features of… READ MORE

Montana Consumer Data Privacy Act

Some Oddities in the New Montana Consumer Data Privacy Act (Part One)

In May 2023, Montana became yet another State to enact a consumer data privacy/protection statute. Montana’s version is called the “Montana Consumer Data Privacy Act.” The MCDPA will take effect in October 2024. In this article (Parts One and Two), we will provide a brief summary of the MCDPA. In Part One, we will summarize… READ MORE

Chinese Supplier Contracts for Fulfillment-By-Amazon Sellers

Chinese Supplier Contracts for Fulfillment-By-Amazon Sellers

Quality control provisions are crucial for Chinese supplier contracts for fulfillment-by-Amazon sellers. When using a Chinese company as a supply vendor for FBA, the obvious problem for Amazon sellers is that the manufacturer is overseas, and the products are being shipped around the globe. This means that it is very difficult to visit the factory… READ MORE

E-commerce Rollup and Aggregator Lawyers

E-commerce Rollup and Aggregator Lawyers

Call us here at Revision Legal if you are thinking of selling your online business to an e-commerce rollup company or if you are in the process of rolling up e-commerce businesses. We thrive on representing e-commerce companies and want to be your one-stop shop for answers to your legal questions. We are and have… READ MORE

E-Commerce Attorneys

DTC E-Commerce Attorneys

Direct-to-consumer (“DTC” or “D2C”) e-commerce businesses have unique legal needs and, as such, need unique DTC e-commerce attorneys like the ones at Revision Legal. As we say, we understand D2C businesses because we are one (even though our product, of course, is delivered in conference rooms, board rooms, and courtrooms). Being DTC means significant additional… READ MORE

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