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Amazon Seller Account Suspended for Fake Reviews? Here is What to Do.

By John DiGiacomo

Seemingly, there are an unlimited number of reasons why an Amazon marketplace seller account might be suspended. One involves claims of Amazon fake reviews or Amazon seller suspension based on Amazon suspicions of incentivizing or encouraging fake reviews. This can occur when a seller directly posts fake reviews, but also when an Amazon seller account gives free or discounted products or other things of value to a consumer in exchange for a positive review.

As reported here, Amazon has brought lawsuits against two companies alleged to have acted as fake-review brokers. According to the report, Amazon third-party sellers paid the companies for fake product and seller account reviews hoping to spur sales and upgrade their rankings in Amazon search results.

Amazon also has a strict policy against fake reviews and efforts to manipulate ratings as part of Amazon’s Terms of Service for Amazon marketplace sellers. Amazon calls it their “Anti-Manipulation Policy for Customer Reviews.” See here. As stated in the Policy, “… if we determine that an Amazon account has been used to engage in review manipulation, remittances and payments may be withheld or forfeited.” In other words, your Amazon seller account can be suspended for fake or manipulated reviews.

If this has happened to you, you will need Amazon legal help. So, call us here at Revision Legal. We are experienced Amazon suspension appeal lawyers. Claims or complaints of Amazon fake and/or manipulated reviews is one of the more serious reasons for suspending an Amazon seller account. You will definitely need legal help; this is not something you can “do-it-yourself.” If your Amazon seller account has been suspended, here are a few tips on how to get it back.

Basically, any Amazon suspension appeal involves three components (each of which can be complex and contain sub-components). These are:

  • Detailed Appeal Letter
  • Presentation of your Action Plan
  • Gathering supporting documentation

Depending on the evidence that Amazon has about the fake and/or manipulated reviews, it may be difficult to get your Amazon seller account reinstated. For example, as reported in the media link above, the two companies alleged to have engaged in fake review brokering are alleged to have more than 900,000 users “willing to write fake reviews.” According to the report, one of the companies organized a scheme whereby Amazon marketplace sellers would pay the company a fee, as little as $25, to receive positive “verified reviews.” Amazon may already have collected and will certainly try to collect evidence on which Amazon seller’s paid for fake reviews. If Amazon has that kind of evidence for your Amazon seller account, reinstatement may be difficult, particularly if there is a pattern or the alleged behavior occurred over some period of time.

On the other hand, if the allegations of fake reviews are false or are explainable as accidental, inadvertent or coincidental, then chances of reinstatement are much better. Essentially, your Appeal Letter, Action Plan and documentation will show that you did not pay for fake reviews, did not engage in any scheme or plan to manipulate your reviews and that any allegation is, at best, an accident or coincidence. Some evidence may be found in the fact that your Amazon seller account ratings did not, in fact, rise in a manipulated manner.

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