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E-Commerce Attorneys

DTC E-Commerce Attorneys

Direct-to-consumer (“DTC” or “D2C”) e-commerce businesses have unique legal needs and, as such, need unique DTC e-commerce attorneys like the ones at Revision Legal. As we say, we understand D2C businesses because we are one (even though our product, of course, is delivered in conference rooms, board rooms, and courtrooms). Being DTC means significant additional… READ MORE

Indemnification Clauses in Asset Purchase Agreements

Explaining Indemnification Clauses in Asset Purchase Agreements

When one company — or other type of business entity — buys the assets of another, the companies negotiate and execute a detailed Asset Purchase Agreement. Among many other sets of provisions, there is a series of clauses called “indemnification” or “hold harmless” clauses. The purpose of an indemnification clause is to shift the risk… READ MORE

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