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Amazon Seller Account Suspended? You Need an Amazon Seller Attorney

By John DiGiacomo

Has your Amazon seller account been suspended? Call us. We can help. At Revision Legal, we have the best Amazon Suspension Appeal attorneys. We are the Amazon legal help you need. But, you may ask: “Why do I need the help of an Amazon Seller lawyer?” Here are several reasons.

First, an Amazon marketplace suspension is a LEGAL problem. You want experienced LEGAL professionals to help you with a LEGAL problem. More importantly, you want legal assistance that is directly relevant to the specific reason that your Amazon seller account has been suspended. For example, here are several reasons that an Amazon marketplace account might be suspended:

  • Receipt by Amazon of a DMCA takedown notice or an Amazon cease and desist letter
  • Amazon receipt of intellectual property infringement complaint(s)
  • Other Suspected intellectual property violations Amazon
  • Accusation or suspicion of selling inauthentic goods
  • Amazon counterfeit complaint or claim
  • Accusation of selling stolen goods
  • Amazon trademark infringement claim
  • Complaint of copyright infringement Amazon

You will want the help of Amazon seller attorneys with direct knowledge of how to file an Amazon suspension appeal specific to the type of Amazon seller marketplace suspension.

Second, you want your Amazon suspension appeal done right and done right the first time (because, generally, you only get one shot at filing an Amazon suspension appeal). An Amazon seller account suspension appeal needs to be handled quickly and properly. An investigation must be completed, the Action Plan and Appeal Letter must be prepared, a retraction of the Complaint must be sought and you want all of this done quickly and correctly.

Third, you want the Complainant and Amazon to take you seriously. Amazon expects a certain quality from the individuals and businesses that operate in the Amazon marketplace. This includes the concept that Amazon marketplace sellers are serious and successful enough to hire Amazon suspension appeal attorneys. The same can be said for Complainants — those that have filed legal complaints with Amazon against your account. For example, in an Amazon trademark infringement appeal, one step is to seek a retraction from the owner of the trademark that has allegedly been infringed. A “do-it-yourself” approach will not be taken seriously by the trademark owner.

Fourth, hiring an Amazon seller’s attorney for your Amazon suspension appeal can be cost effective and save you money. Yes, hiring Amazon seller lawyers costs money, but, if your Amazon seller account is not reinstated, you are out of business (at least on Amazon). As the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. Further, to follow the example from the third point above, to issue a retraction letter, many trademark owners will require payment. Amazon suspension account appeal lawyers are savvy, know the “going rate,” can haggle and negotiate and can help get the “lowest price.” Since we are an Amazon suspension account appeal Law Firm, we have done this before and know how to succeed.

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