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What Should I Look For In An E-Commerce Lawyer?

By Eric Misterovich

Not all lawyers are the same. That is why it is important to understand what, exactly, you should look for when hiring an e-commerce lawyer. Here are a few indicators of a good e-commerce lawyer:

  1. A deep understanding of pay per click and display advertising. A good e-commerce lawyer should not only understand your product, but he or she should also understand your advertising channels;
  2. A deep understanding of affiliate marketing. A good e-commerce lawyer should understand both the benefits and legal risks involved in outsourcing marketing to affiliate networks and should competently advise his or her clients on the appropriate indemnification and limitation of liability clauses that should be contained in every affiliate marketing agreement or program;
  3. A deep understanding of the Uniform Commercial Code. Not only should your e-commerce attorney understand the Internet, but he or she should also understand the commercial law applicable to the sale of movable goods. A good understanding of the UCC will ensure that your lawyer will foresee shipping and return problems before they arise;
  4. A deep understanding of privacy law. A good e-commerce lawyer will be abreast of the most recent changes in privacy law, not only in the United States, but also in the European Union and around the world and should be able to quickly advise the client when changes occur.
  5. A deep understanding of software and website development. A good e-commerce lawyer will understand and identify the legal risks that arise out of an e-commerce company’s use of a third party software or website developer and should be able to advise the company on how to appropriately mitigate those risks.
  6. A deep understanding of your business model. A lawyer should grow with and understand your business; those that do are better tasked to address issues as they arise. There is great value in institutional knowledge, and the best e-commerce attorneys know this.

These are just a few indicators of a good e-commerce attorney. If you are looking for an attorney for your e-commerce business, contact Revision Legal today.

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