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Internet Defamation Lawyer

By Eric Misterovich

Revision Legal’s Internet defamation lawyers have handled Internet defamation matters for clients around the country. In the modern era, Internet defamation, if not addressed, can cause you significant harm. It can prevent you from obtaining employment, it can dissuade clients, and it can harm your business. Worse, if you do not take steps to have Internet defamation removed, it will not go away.

Our Internet defamation lawyers not only understand the law surrounding Internet defamation, including Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, but we also understand the underlying technology of the Internet. This allows our lawyers to assess your situation and provide you with advice on how to have defamatory content permanently removed from the Internet.

If you are faced with an Internet defamation issue, contact our Internet defamation lawyers today at 855-473-8474.

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