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Protecting Your Amazon Seller Account From Hackers

By John DiGiacomo

As one can imagine, having your Amazon seller account hacked by cybercriminals can be devastating financially and for the continued existence of your Amazon seller business. With the help of Amazon seller account attorneys, you will eventually be able to regain control of your Amazon seller account. But, in the meantime, you may face an Amazon seller account suspension, and you may need an internet law legal team to help get your Amazon seller account reinstated.

You may think: “Why me? Why my account?” The counter is: “Why not?” Cybercriminals play the odds, so to speak, seeking to hack Amazon seller accounts by the thousands. If they “get lucky,” they now have access to any available funds for that account — which can be transferred for a quick “getaway.” Of course, depending on the account hacked, the hackers may have a great “profit” or a small one. In this respect, hackers are like pickpockets. The “profit” depends on the wallet stolen. But, after the initial heist, once the Amazon seller account is under their control, hackers can compound the damage to you by creating every nefarious sort of Amazon seller listing and siphon off more of your profits and damaging the reputation of your Amazon seller business.

Here are a few suggestions to help protect your Amazon seller account from hackers:

  • Change your passcodes/words often on both your associated email account and on your Amazon account proper — “often” means certainly no less than monthly, but weekly is even better
  • Do not use the same passcodes — many make this mistake and at least doubles the risk of being hacked; if the hackers obtain your email passcodes, they almost immediately test and see if those will work on other accounts
  • Keep records of passcodes on PAPER
  • Maintain PHYSICAL security of your computers, phones and devices
  • Do not use public wi-fi to sign onto any account – yes, it is convenient, but hackers lurk in the crowds
  • Opt for two-factor authentication on Amazon — yes, it can be annoying, but being hacked is so much worse
  • Be savvy if you notice anything “weird” or “get a feeling” when you are at your sign-in pages — better to err on the side of caution; close the browser, start over and then change the passcodes
  • Be generally aware of anything suspicious happening with your accounts
  • Contact Amazon if you have suspicions or concerns

If your Amazon seller account is suspended because of hacking, as noted, you will need to hire an experienced internet law legal team to get your Amazon seller account reinstated. In our experience, Amazon representatives are not particularly sympathetic when seller accounts are hacked. Amazon has very robust and state-of-the-art cybersecurity for its own computer and network systems. Amazon takes the position that Amazon seller businesses have their own responsibilities for cybersecurity. In short, do not expect that saying “I was hacked” will automatically get your Amazon seller account reinstated. The key to reinstatement will be your Action Plan, particularly the part where you explain how you intend to prevent another episode of hacking. Stating that you will begin using the security protocols listed above will be a good start.

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