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The Amazon Seller’s Guide to Hiring an Amazon Lawyer for Account Issues

By John DiGiacomo

If you are a successful Amazon seller, it is essential to retain committed internet lawyers with deep experience helping businesses operating Amazon seller accounts. Having a relationship with a trusted team of lawyers is important before “something bad happens” because when it does, corrective action can begin immediately. There is no “lost time” devoted to searching for a lawyer. Many Amazon sellers focus mainly on avoiding having their account suspended by Amazon. Obviously, that is the worst case scenario. Preparing the response and developing an action/remediation plan must be done quickly. Expert legal assistance will make a huge difference for three main reasons:

  • Your trusted reinstatement lawyer will have a better chance of getting an Amazon lawyer on the phone to explain why the suspension occurred
  • With the right information, the response/action plan will be done right, in the proper professional tone, addressing the correct legal issue or issues
  • Amazon will take you more seriously because retaining the services of a lawyer means you are serious, successful and committed to fixing whatever problem led to the suspicion

There are other potential legal problems with which dedicated internet attorneys can help including:

  • Suspension of listings
  • Complaints and take-down notices received from copyright, trademark or other IP holders
  • Amazon freezing a seller account, withholding money or seizing inventory
  • Fake and false claims of copyright, trademark or other IP violations
  • Having other sellers hijack your listings
  • Losing control of your account to cybercriminals
  • Being sued in court
  • Needing to initiate litigation against competitors, counterfeiters or others or to initiate arbitration against Amazon

There are a number of other legal services that a successful Amazon seller needs including help with business and employment law, corporate entity formation and annual maintenance, creating and protecting an Amazon seller’s own IP (like a seller’s own trademarks and brands), compliance with legal requirements for any website you are running, drafting contracts and your own Terms of Service Agreements for your websites and more.

When you are working to hire an Amazon lawyer or team of lawyers, you should explore all of these legal issues. A few examples of questions to ask include:

  • Have you handled Amazon account suspensions before? Have you obtained good results for your clients?
  • How many account suspensions have you handled?
  • How familiar are you with Amazon’s Terms of Service Agreement?
  • If I have to arbitrate against Amazon, do you have the skills and experience to handle arbitrations?
  • Can you help with take-down notices or other complaints from IP holders?
  • Do you offer business law and corporate entity formation services?
  • Do you have a litigation team if I am sued?
  • Can you register my trademark and copyrights?
  • Can you help me protect my trade secrets and other confidential proprietary business information?

You will also need to ask about legal fees and expenses. Fighting Amazon — and others — to save your business and livelihood can be expensive.

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