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Lansing Trade Secrets Lawyer

By Eric Misterovich

Lansing trade secrets lawyers Revision Legal have experience litigating trade secret cases.  Given our experience with all forms of intellectual property, including trademarks and copyrights, Revision Legal can protect your trade secrets.

Lansing Trade Secret Litigation

A fundamental question in any trade secret litigation lies in whether the information at issue constitutes a trade secret. This answer is not always as easy at it seems.

A trade secret is not just confidential information. In general, a trade secret is information, in the form of a pattern, compilation, process, or formula that a business actively keeps secret and that derives value from its secrecy. The term trade secret is defined by Michigan’s Uniform Trade Secrets Act.

Information such as customer lists, vendor lists, an information learned about a specific industry are commonly litigated issues. And the answer as to whether that information is a protectable trade secret, is not always clear at face value.

For more information about the details of what is a protectable trade secret, click here.

Trade Secret Lawyers

Lansing trade secret lawyers Revision Legal have experience on both sides of the table of trade secret cases. From protecting businesses seeking to prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure of their information, to defending individuals or businesses facing trade secret claims, Revision Legal trade secret attorneys are here for you.

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