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Michigan’s Venture Capital Industry Invested $242 Million In 2012

By Eric Misterovich

The Michigan Venture Capital Association has released its annual research report, which concludes that Michigan’s venture capital industry invested $242 million in 2012. MVCI’s research report shows that there are currently twenty nine venture capital groups operating within the state, which invested a combined $242 million in thirty-three deals within the State of Michigan. There are currently 106 companies operating within the state that have received venture capital or angel investment. The majority of these companies operate in the life sciences sector, but the information technology sector has also seen an increase in venture capital activity.


In light of this increased activity, Michigan has moved from 25th place to 15th place in the national venture capital rankings. This increase further evidences Michigan’s return to economic prominence within the country, and we at Revision LegalĀ are excited to see this investment in Michigan’s future.

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