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OnlyFans Leak Attorneys

By John DiGiacomo

We have been contacted by our existing clients who have recently been the victim of a wide-scale data breach or leak from the website. Specifically, a large cache of paid content hosted at has been downloaded and spread across multiple third party websites. Under the terms of use agreement, OnlyFans models own their content and merely grant the website a limited license to use their content for the purposes of providing the OnlyFans website.

This means that, if you are a victim of this link, you may have rights to pursue those who republish your content on third party websites under copyright law. Under the Copyright Act, those with registered copyrights may obtain up to $150,000 per work infringed in statutory damages, plus costs and attorneys’ fees. Even if you did not possess a registered copyright prior to the release of your content, you may be entitled to your actual damages and the defendant’s profits, including any money made from advertising revenue.

We often advise clients to file for copyright registration of their OnlyFans content prior to uploading it to OnlyFans. Since statutory damages for copyright infringement are only available for those who have registered their content prior to infringement or within three months of publication, it makes sense to file for copyright registration prior to uploading new content to OnlyFans.

We have extensive experience in having this content removed from various places under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, including foreign websites, MEGA links, Discord servers, and subreddits on Reddit. Through our efforts, we have shut down websites believed to have been above the law, such as,,, and, and we have identified the true owners of these websites along with their names, addresses, and locations. We also stand prepared to file lawsuits to protect against the further theft of your OnlyFans content.

If you have been victimized by this leak, or if your OnlyFans content is currently being shared across the internet, you may contact one of our copyright attorneys at 231-714-0100.

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