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PTG Nevada: Pay The Ghost Lawsuit

By John DiGiacomo

What Is This Lawsuit?

This type of lawsuit seems odd at first glace, but is becoming more commonplace: a movie producer will sue a number of “John Doe” defendants and then serve a subpoena on Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to obtain the names and contact details of subscribers who have downloaded or transferred the producer’s content illegally. The producer then attempts to either force individual settlements with the subscribers or brings a named individual into the copyright infringement lawsuit.

How to Respond?

If you are implicated in a lawsuit similar to PTG Nevada v Does 1-5, the best first step is to get informed. A simple Internet search will reveal a great deal of general information about this type of lawsuit. Next, consult an attorney who’s experienced in dealing with issues like yours: while the Internet is great for research, it cannot answer specific questions about your particular case.

Will My ISP Disclose My Information?

If your ISP is served with a subpoena, it will release your information in response. The only way to prevent the disclosure of your information is to either file a motion to quash the subpoena or confidentially settle the matter prior to the deadline provided by your ISP.

Revision Legal Has Experience Defending Copyright Infringement Lawsuits

Revision Legal is an intellectual property law firm that regularly litigates and negotiates copyright infringement cases. We understand that each case is different and strive to achieve the best result for each individual, whether that means settlement or actively fighting the case.

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