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Can You Sue For Social Media Defamation?

By John DiGiacomo

Yes, absolutely. Social media defamation can be just as injurious as other types of defamation and can be punished in the same manner. Because these kinds of cases are legally complex, you will need to retain experienced and dedicated social media defamation lawyers like the ones at Revision Legal. We are top defamation lawyers with a focus on internet libel cases.

There can be several potential targets of a social media defamation lawsuit. In some rare circumstances, a defamation lawsuit can be brought against the social media platform even though social media platforms — like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn — have broad immunity from being sued for defamation. But, there are some exceptions that might apply in your case. For this reason, the main target of your social media defamation lawsuit will be the individual that posted or uploaded the defamatory content. Other potential targets might include those individuals, websites or businesses that re-posted or otherwise “spread” the defamatory content. Here is some information about social media defamation.

What is Social Media Defamation?

In basic legal terms, social media defamation occurs when a person makes a false statement about another that causes injury. Injury might include the following:

  • Reputation harm — reputation is important to individuals and businesses and injury to a person or business’ reputation can, itself, be legally actionable
  • Loss of business and clients — injury to reputation can also lead to loss of business and clients which, in turn, can directly lead to loss of revenue and profits; such can be claimed as damages in a social media defamation lawsuit
  • Emotional and psychological harm — social media defamation can lead to the victim to suffer emotional and psychological harm in the form of extreme stress, anxiety, worry and the like; damages from such harm can be claimed in a social media defamation lawsuit

Why Do I Need a Social Media Defamation Lawyer?

It is important to hire lawyers with specific expertise and experience with social media defamation cases for a couple of reasons. First, many times, the defamation is posted anonymously. As such, you need social media defamation attorneys who know how to use the legal rules and procedures to break through the “wall of anonymity.” This can be done through the use of subpoenas and other methods of discovery. In addition, you need experienced social media defamation attorneys because victims of social media defamation want the defamation REMOVED from the internet. Thus, in addition to attempting to recover compensation for injury caused by the need for social media defamation, victims want an Order from the Court requiring the defamatory content removed. While social media platforms may have broad immunity from being sued for damages, they generally do not have immunity from being ordered to remove content under appropriate legal circumstances. Finally, you need defamation attorneys with specific experience with social media defamation because victims often need to minimize adverse publicity and to prevent further spread of the false and defamatory content. Top defamation lawyers can use Protective Orders and other techniques and tools to deflect unwanted attention to the defamation while achieving an efficient resolution.

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