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Do Fitness Influencers Need Lawyers?

By John DiGiacomo

Yes, fitness influencers need experienced and skilled lawyers for many legal services. Indeed, all social media influencers need social media attorneys for various types of legal services. It is important to establish a relationship with a social media and influencer attorney far in advance of needing one because of threatened or actual litigation. If you are searching for a top-rated social media influencer Law Firm, call us here at Revision Legal. We can be reached at 231-714-0100 or 855-473-8474.

Defining a “Social Media Influencer Attorney”

Generally speaking, a “social media influencer lawyer” is an attorney with experience in social media law and with social media trends. Ideally, your trusted social media influencer lawyer will also have accrued knowledge of various fields of law, including contract law, business law, intellectual property law, internet law, corporate law, and labor law. A social media influencer also needs an attorney with significant experience with complex litigation. Social media influencers engage in a wide variety of behavior that touches on all of these legal fields. For example, a fitness influencer might hire staff to help with the production and posting of their content. As such, a fitness influencer must comply with federal and local labor laws. Further, all influencers must be careful not to violate intellectual property laws — like copyright and trademark laws — and be aware of various federal and state laws concerning defamation of character. If a social media influencer has been defamed by another, the social media influencer will want legal advice and counsel on bringing defamation litigation.

Advantages of Having a Social Media Influencer Attorney

Here are a few of the more important advantages of having a social media influencer law firm on call:

  • Creating and annually maintaining your corporate entity — fitness influencers should be operating their business through a corporate entity, not as a personal sole proprietorship; a corporate entity protects personal assets in the event of bankruptcy, litigation, or other adversity
  • Contract review and drafting — fitness influencers generally sign contracts for the products that they promote; you need experienced legal advice to know the legal implications of what you are signing; also, typically, such contracts can be negotiated to provide more favorable terms
  • Updates on laws and legal trends — laws change, and thus, new and different legal obligations can be imposed on fitness influencers; talented social media influencer attorneys can provide periodic updates that protect you and your influencer business
  • Protecting against legal claims like infringement — as noted, fitness influencers must avoid infringing on copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property; with a talented social media influencer attorney on call, advice and counsel can be easily sought to avoid future legal violations
  • Responding to threats of or actual litigation — if you are threatened with litigation or actually get sued, you will need experienced litigators
  • Prosecuting litigation — fitness social media influencers occasionally will need to initiate litigation; for example, you will have to sue if you do not get paid or if you are defamed; you will need experienced litigators
  • Handling legal matters while you create — a certain peace of mind exists knowing that your trusted social media influencer law firm is handling the legal issues while you concentrate on artistic creation
  • Division of labor — you know how to create, a lawyer knows the law; it is a good division of labor
  • And more

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