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how to find an ecommerce lawyer

How to Find an E-Commerce Lawyer

By John DiGiacomo

In today’s marketplace, nearly every business has some aspect of their business that relates to the internet and web-based platforms. Some businesses are almost entirely web-based like online retailers, online service providers (like telemedicine and streaming), distributors, sellers on marketplace websites like Amazon, online platform providers, etc. Others may operate a hybrid business involving a mix of real-world and online goods and services. Yet others may limit their online presence to advertising and social media. Whatever the business model, nearly every business will need experienced and tech-savvy e-commerce attorneys to provide legal services. As one example, every business that collects personal information from customers — like names, shipping and mailing addresses and credit card information — must comply with consumer privacy laws with respect to the collection, sharing, storage and destruction of such consumer information. As another example, website operators must have state-of-the-art cybersecurity protocols in place to protect their business operations, their own confidential business information and any collected consumer information.

How to Find an E-Commerce Law Firm

One method, of course, is online searching. Indeed, if you searched for the “best e-commerce lawyer near me,” you may have found us here at Revision Legal. If you have questions about the online aspects of your business, call for a consultation at 231-714-0100 or 855-473-8474. We are lawyers specializing in internet law and have successfully represented hundreds of e-commerce businesses.

What Does an E-Commerce Attorney Do?

As noted, e-commerce attorneys can help businesses satisfy their legal obligations — both statutory and regulatory — with respect to consumer privacy and cybersecurity. These services can extend to risk assessment and management, to response to cyber incidents and defending against litigation and governmental investigations.

There are many other e-commerce business legal services that are needed as well. Some of these include:

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts for network maintenance, services, vendors, cyber and data management and security, intellectual property and licensing agreement, employee agreements, website terms and conditions, etc.
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating license agreements for intellectual property
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating asset licensing/rental, sale/purchase and financing agreements — such as for real property, intangible property and tangible personal property (like inventory)
  • Employee-related legal services — with the rise and persistence of remote working, there are a host of labor law related issues that must be handled including wage and hour claims, time-clock management, unemployment compensation, labor laws notice requirements, workplace safety (homes can be considered “workplaces”), cybersecurity, protecting confidential business information, etc.
  • Ensuring website compliance with legal issues such as the Americans With Disabilities Act
  • Protecting, registering, policing and defending intellectual property — like trademarks, copyright, trade secrets, patents, domain names, etc.
  • Prosecuting litigation where needed and engaging in litigation defense
  • Helping compliance with marketing and promotion laws and regulations — which often apply generally to business activities but also include laws specific to online operations

What to Look for When Hiring an E-Commerce Lawyer

In simple terms, you want an e-commerce lawyer with as much experience as possible in all of the above areas of law. The world is interconnected and so are the laws and regulations with respect to how online businesses operate. What your business does in one area may impact what your business does in another. Look for an e-commerce lawyer that sees the connections.

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