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Payment Processing Disputes

By John DiGiacomo

Payment Processing Dispute Unfortunately, successful e-commerce stores and digital goods providers often find themselves in disputes with their payment processing companies. Whether these disputes arise over an underpayment, a chargeback, or the mishandling of sales tracking data, payment processing disputes often hinge on the interpretation of the payment processing contract, which can contain onerous and one-sided terms. These terms may include arbitration provisions, liquidated damages clauses, termination penalties, and provisions allowing for the retention of funds by the payment processor in the event of a dispute or chargeback.

Thankfully, our attorneys understand the legal and technological aspects of payment processing disputes. We have handled payment processing disputes both in and out of federal court, including in complex and high-stakes litigation. Additionally, we regularly review payment processing contracts for a wide range of clients, including Bitcoin exchanges, software as a service providers, and providers of digital downloads.

If you are faced with a payment processing dispute, or if you seek review of your payment processing contract, contact one of our payment processing dispute lawyers today.

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