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defamation and slander

What Type of Lawyer Handles Slander and Defamation of Character?

By John DiGiacomo

The type of lawyer that you need for slander or defamation of character is a lawyer with deep experience in defamation law. In addition, experience in legal fields adjacent to defamation law, like internet law, First Amendment law, privacy law, and even criminal law (since some types of defamation — like revenge pornography — are prohibited and punished as crimes) are useful. Further, it is essential that your Defamation Law Firm have an excellent litigation team because, if it comes to litigation, you want the best defamation litigators on your side. Your defamation lawyers must have sharp and honed litigation skills because, these days, a great deal of defamation occurs anonymously on the internet. Only skilled litigators know the legal methods and techniques for uncovering the identity of anonymous defamers and bringing them into a courtroom. If you have been searching for “what type of lawyer is used for defamation?” — call us here at Revision Legal at 231-714-0100 or 855-473-8474. We are defamation attorneys with years of proven experience in defamation cases and complex litigation matters.

Note that defamation of character typically involves injurious false statements about natural persons. This is similar to, but different from, defamation that causes injury to a business or property rights (such as a trademark or other intellectual property). For those types of cases, your top-tier Defamation Law Firm must have additional experience in business law, deceptive business practices law, trademark law, and other intellectual property law.

As noted, claims for defamation of character generally involve natural persons like a celebrity. To succeed in a defamation of character case, the person defamed must prove about five legal elements:

  • A false statement was made
  • The statement was published in some manner — seen, read, or heard by others
  • The statement was made with neglect or disregard for the truth of the statement
  • The person defamed suffered injury or damage — such as damage to reputation, lost contracts or business opportunities
  • The injury/damage suffered was caused by the false statement

With public figures — such as a politician or Hollywood star — evidence of another element must be provided. This element is called proof of “malice.” In defamation law, “malice” is a complicated legal concept. In defamation law, “malice” is NOT malice as in active hatred, but malice as in “a knowing intentional disregard for the truth of the statement made.” This is a high legal standard and can be very difficult to prove under U.S. defamation law.

As can be seen, defamation of character cases are complex. This is why you need the best defamation attorneys that you can find. Another important trait that you need from your defamation attorney is good negotiating skills and tactics. If there is an insurance policy that covers the case, there is a good chance that the case can be settled before trial. Statistics show that 90% or more of civil cases are settled. That rate is even higher when insurance coverage is available.

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