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Writing an Amazon Plan of Action Appeal (With Examples)

By John DiGiacomo

If you are an Amazon seller and your Amazon seller account has been suspended, you need to act quickly and contact us for assistance. Revision Legal has a proven track record of helping our clients. We have experienced Amazon suspension lawyers. Regardless of the reason for the Amazon seller account suspension, the key to a successful Amazon suspension appeal is the “plan of action.” We will walk you through the steps with plan of action appeal examples.

In brief, an Amazon plan of action should have four sections that track what Amazon requires, setting out the information in simple-to-read and simple-to-understand statements. The four sections required are:

  • Identification of the issue/problem — this is usually short and is based on the Notice received from Amazon
  • Statement of what you have done to investigate the problem
  • Statement of what has been done to correct the problem
  • Statement of what steps have been taken to avoid the problem in the future

Let’s look at some examples. Assume the problem is that customers have received broken or non-functioning products. As noted, the first section should be short and might be something like this with a heading:

Issue that led to the Amazon suspension:

A customer stated they received the product in a broken state for ASIN [insert code]. Product was purchased and sent pursuant to Listing [insert number].

The next section should address what you have done to investigate the problem. It should also have a heading and it is preferable to bullet-point what has been done to investigate the problem. However, it should be said that, sometimes, a more narrative approach is required depending on the complexity of the problems/issues identified. Either way, this section should be much longer than the first section and should convey to Amazon that you took the issues or problems seriously and actually investigated the issues/problems. The examples below are, of necessity, very general. In a specific Amazon suspension appeal, the statements should provide details specific and relevant to the appeal. In general, these statements should be phrased as past-tense statements. A hypothetical example of the section section might be this:

Actions taken to investigate the issue(s):

  • We have contacted the manufacturing company to determine whether the product was broken/nonfunctioning before shipment
  • We have reviewed feedback from customers who purchased this and similar products to determine the extent of the problem
  • We have checked inventory on hand to determine if those items also are broken/non-functioning

The next section should address what has been done to correct the problem. Again, these should be phrased as past-tense statements. An example of the third section might be this:

Actions you have taken to resolve the issue(s):

  • We have made a refund to the customer
  • We have closed similar listing until the problems/issues are resolved
  • We have requested an inventory quality check from the manufacturer/shipper
  • We have confirmed quality control and inventory checks with the manufacturer/shipper

The final section is about what will be done in the future to avoid the problems/issues happening again. These statements should be phrased in future-tense. An example might be:

Actions to be taken to prevent future complaints

  • We have changed our requirements and agreements with the manufacturer/shipper
  • We will randomly audit shipments and product and thereby increase our quality control protocols
  • We have documented this problem/issue for employee training purposes
  • We will provide additional employee training directed at preventing future complaints of this kind

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