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YouTube Law Firm: Can a YouTube Attorney Help Get a YouTube Channel Reinstated?

By John DiGiacomo

Yes, a YouTube lawyer can provide legal services and guidance that might help get your YouTube channel reinstated. Generally, YouTube’s appeal process involves two steps, but the actual procedures, the decision-making process, and other aspects of the process are murky at best. For example, the notice sent regarding YouTube suspension/termination will contain vague boilerplate language that does not identify, with any particularity, the reason(s) for the suspension/termination. Thus, the channel owner is left to sift through recent uploads and guess at the various possible reasons for YouTube suspension/termination. This can complicate any sort of appeal.

A YouTube law firm like Revision Legal can help in several areas. First, a YouTube attorney can help with the process of sifting recent uploads. A YouTube lawyer can identify areas of concern that might be of concern to YouTube. These include issues relating to violations of intellectual property guidelines/laws (trademark, copyright, etc.), misinformation guidelines, encouraging illegal or harmful behavior, attempting to manipulate metrics, uploading sexually explicit content, and other violations of YouTube’s Terms of Service and guidelines.

Second, a YouTube law firm can help with drafting the initial appeal and – if needed – the second appeal. The structure, content, language, tone, and presentation, taken together, can be important in receiving a positive response from YouTube. In general, each appeal should address each type of violation that might have triggered the YouTube termination/suspension. Each appeal should also provide some sort of action plan describing how the YouTube Channel owner will modify their actions to avoid future violations. This is true even if the Channel was flagged in error.

In this regard, experienced YouTube Reinstatement Attorneys can assist in tailoring the response depending on whether the YouTube Channel termination/suspension was a mistake or triggered by an actual violation. A suspected mistake (by YouTube) will call for a certain type of response. By contrast, if the Channel owner accidentally or inadvertently violated YouTube guidelines, a different approach should be emphasized. That approach entails a much more detailed action plan to demonstrate to YouTube how the violation(s) was/were not intentional and what changes will be made to ensure that the violation(s) will not reoccur in the future.

YouTube reinstatement attorneys could also file litigation against YouTube and its parent company, Google, LLC. But, the chances are very low that litigation can be used to force YouTube to reinstate a terminated/suspended Channel. Such litigation would also be very costly, with such costs exceeding whatever income was produced by the Channel. There have been various efforts to sue YouTube for Channel deactivations, suspensions, and demonetizations. These efforts have met with almost no support from US courts. As an example, see Lewis v. Google, LLC, 461 F. Supp. 3d 938 (Dist. Court, ND California 2020). The plaintiff uploaded many YouTube videos and many were taken down by YouTube and demonetized. The plaintiff appealed to YouTube regarding many of the takedowns and won 19 internal appeals. However, the plaintiff lost many other internal appeals. He then sued, asserting a long list of legal claims, including fraud, breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, Lanham Act violations, violations of the First Amendment, and more. The court dismissed all claims. The Lewis case is an example of the difficulties of using litigation against YouTube to force reinstatement.

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