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How to Manage Data Breaches Under GDPR

How to Manage Data Breaches Under GDPR In recent weeks, we have posted about the requirements of personal data protection under Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that companies must now follow. Today we will look into what a company must do in the event of a data breach under this regulation. Over the past… READ MORE

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10 Data Security Management Tips to Prevent a Data Breach

You may never suffer a data breach, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to prevent one. With the number and severity of data breaches rising every year, it is clear that all of us, from the biggest to the smallest company, could brush up on our data security management. You may never suffer… READ MORE

GameStop Currently Investigating Possible Data Breach

GameStop is the most recent potential victim of cyber data breach, and the company recently hired a leading security firm to conduct an investigation into allegations that the company’s website was hacked and that customer data and credit card information was stolen. According to reports, a third party found data available for sale on a… READ MORE

8 Reasons You Need a Data Breach Attorney

With growth in digital data has come a growth in data breaches. The need for greater protection means you need a data breach attorney. Data breaches aren’t restricted to hackers gaining access to your electronic data. It can also apply to people gaining access to printed materials. Negligence may be to blame. Perhaps an employee… READ MORE

Active vs Passive Cyber Attacks Explained

Cyber attacks involve the unauthorized access of private or confidential information contained on computer systems or networks, but the techniques and methods used by the attacker further distinguish whether the attack is an active cyber attack, a passive type attack, or some combination of the two. According to Symantec, both active and passive cyber attack types… READ MORE

What are Advanced Persistent Threats?

In cyber security, an undetected attack by which someone gains unauthorized access to a network or system for an extended period of time is referred to as an advanced persistent threat. It is a form of security data breach whereby the attacker has gained access to the system and is able to come and go… READ MORE

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