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Ninth Circuit Creates "Asserted Truths" Doctrine for Copyright Cases Involving Works of Nonfiction

Over the years, federal courts have been consistent in refusing to extend copyright protection to the facts and "truths" that are presented in nonfiction books, documentaries, and other works. This is because copyrights extend to "original works of authorship," not to facts and ideas. This issue has become nettlesome in recent years because, when a…


Asset Purchase Agreements and Paycheck Protection Plan Loans

Back in March 2020, Congress enacted the "CARES Act." See news report here. The CARES Act was designed to ameliorate COVID-related economic hardships for individuals and businesses. One key component of the Act was the Paycheck Protection Plan ("PPP"). The PPP was intended to protect small businesses and their employees by providing loans through the…


Criminal Charges Filed for Cover-Up of 2016 Uber Data Breach

On August 20, 2020, the Department of Justice announced that a criminal complaint was filed against the former Chief Security Officer for Uber Technologies, Inc., related to an alleged concealment of a data breach/hack in 2016. See news report here. The criminal complaint charged the Security Officer with two counts — obstruction of justice and…


Can Tattoos be Copyrighted?

The singer/rapper known as Cardi B has been embroiled over the last three years in a copyright lawsuit involving tattoos. In particular, tattoo artist, Kevin Brophy, claims that the design of his back tattoo was appropriated and used without his permission on a male figure on the cover art of Cardi B's music compilation called…


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