Michigan Trademark Lawyer

Revision Legal’s Michigan trademark lawyers are experts in trademark law. Our Michigan trademark attorneys have handled trademark registration, trademark licensing, and trademark litigation in state and federal courts around the United States. Our Michigan trademark lawyers are licensed to practice in the state courts of Michigan, the Eastern District of Michigan, and the Western District… READ MORE

trademark genericide

Trademark Genericide: How To Protect Your Brand

Xerox, aspirin, thermos, and hoover were all once trademarks that lost their protected status because their names became generic. Most recently, Google’s trademark status was challenged unsuccessfully as reported here. The US Court of Appeals ruled this month that Google still retains its trademark even though “google” has become synonymous with searching the internet. While “google”… READ MORE

How to Claim Your Trademark as a Username on Twitter

Today, it is easier than ever to connect with individuals and brands worldwide within seconds. Social media forums, like Twitter, not only make it easy to connect with other users, but they also make it faster and easier to advertise your brand. With 236 million monthly active users in 2015, Twitter, one of the most… READ MORE

How to Claim your Trademark as a Username on Facebook

It is a common question: How to Claim your Trademark as a Username on Facebook? As of June of 2015, Facebook, the largest online social network, had a total number of 54,200,000 Facebook pages and 81,000,000 fake Facebook profiles. With Facebook being the largest online social networking site, brands are using numerous creative techniques on this… READ MORE

Trademark registration for crowdfunding portals

Brand protection is an important consideration for any business and it holds true for crowdfunding portals. Just like having strong terms of use and privacy policies, trademark registration for crowdfunding portals is an important step in protecting a business. Crowdfunding portals are often designed to raise money for specific niche projects or, many times, social… READ MORE

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