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DMCA Takedowns Issued For Kim Dotcom’s New Mega Service

By Eric Misterovich

Hollywood studios have issued Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedowns concerning Kim Dotcom’s new Mega service, which provides its users with 50 GB of upload space and encrypted files. Warner Brothers and NBC Universal have issued DMCA takedown requests to Google requesting that the search engine provider remove the Mega service from its listings. This request is particularly interesting because the homepage does not actually link to any content. The request by NBC Universal, however, claims that the homepage links to the film “Mama.” Warner Brothers, on the other hand, claims that the homepage contains a copy of the movie “Gangster Squad.”


It remains to be seen whether this DMCA takedown request is an attempt to harm Kim Dotcom’s new service in light of his recent wins against the motion picture industry. Google, however, has refused to remove the homepage, so it appears that this fight is over for the time being. Regardless, DMCA abuse can carry with it severe penalties, including claims of perjury and contempt and a finding of costs and attorneys’ fees in favor of the aggrieved party.


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