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revenge porn victim rights

Revenge Porn: Victims’ Rights

There is currently no federal law regulating the distribution of revenge porn, also known as nonconsensual pornography (NCP). The Cyber Civil Rights Initiative has created a model for what the federal government could eventually adopt. The model essentially lays out that if a person knowingly distributes sexually explicit material about another person, knowing they did… READ MORE

Notice of Action Under Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Many individuals have been recently targeted by a notice of action under Digital Millennium Copyright Act issued by their Internet service provider. If you have been targeted by a notice of action under Digital Millennium Copyright Act, what should you do? 1. First, collect information. Identify whether you did, in fact, participate in the allegedly… READ MORE

DMCA Takedowns Issued For Kim Dotcom’s New Mega Service

Hollywood studios have issued Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedowns concerning Kim Dotcom’s new Mega service, which provides its users with 50 GB of upload space and encrypted files. Warner Brothers and NBC Universal have issued DMCA takedown requests to Google requesting that the search engine provider remove the Mega service from its listings. This request… READ MORE

DMCA Attorney Update: Jailbreaking For Cell Phones Still Legal, But Not For Tablets

The US Copyright Office, in its triennial rulemaking, has renewed its position that cell phone jailbreaking is legal while continuing its prohibition against other forms of jailbreaking, such as the jailbreaking of tablets for the sake of interoperability. The Copyright Office’s new exemptions specifically exclude tablets:   This exemption is a modification of the proponents’… READ MORE

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