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Has an Amazon Seller Ever Used an Amazon Defense Lawyer to Resolve an A-Z Claim?

By John DiGiacomo

Yes, an Amazon Seller Defense Lawyer can be used to resolve an Amazon A-Z claim. But, a good legal defense must be started almost immediately because of the very short window of time for an Amazon seller to address the customer complaint. There may be as little as two or three days to respond to the A-Z claim. Hiring an experienced Amazon seller defense law firm can also be useful since you — the Amazon seller — can direct your attention to fixing whatever has caused the problem. While your dedicated Amazon Seller Defense attorney handles the response to Amazon, you can get the product replaced or the product listing removed, modify the order fulfillment procedures, or find a new shipping company.

The above is particularly important if you are on the verge of having your Amazon Seller Account suspended. Under those circumstances, it is clearly worth the time and expense to fight the A-Z Claim. If the fight is successful, then that A-Z claim will not be the “last straw” that causes an account suspension. If you need an Amazon Seller Defense attorney, call us here at Revision Legal at 231-714-0100 or 855-473-8474. We are lawyers specializing in internet law and have extensive experience defending Amazon Sellers. Here are some additional thoughts on defending Amazon A-Z claims.

Defending an A-Z claim can be difficult since Amazon is very “buyer friendly.” That is, Amazon’s business model is that customer satisfaction is paramount and this leads to the general idea that the “customer is always right.” At the same time, Amazon needs its Sellers to be “happy,” productive and competent to provide the customer service. So, avoid defeatism and do not assume you cannot defeat the A-Z. Indeed, Amazon’s objectives can be reconciled: the customer’s satisfaction can be obtained AND the Seller can be protected.

These facts must be kept in mind because while your legal defense is prepared to protect you, you must be doing what is required to obtain the customer’s satisfaction. This has several important goals:

  • Making Amazon understand that YOU understand the importance of customer satisfaction, which helps your legal defense
  • You may be able to satisfy the customer, which can result in the withdrawal of the A-Z claim
  • Helps build the corpus of evidence, like emails, shipping receipts, photos, etc., that are the foundation of your legal defense

This leads to the question of what evidence you will need to accumulate for your Amazon Seller Defense. This depends, of course, on what the A-Z claim is. For example, if the claim is Not As Expected, then photos may be the best kind of evidence showing, for example, the product shipped, the damage (or no damage) to a returned item, etc. Records with respect to replacements shipped and/or refunds issued will also be needed along with all other relevant documents (like the exchanged emails with the buyer).

In the end, one of the most valuable aspects of hiring an Amazon Seller Defense Law Firm is showing Amazon that you take your responsibilities as a Seller seriously enough to hire legal counsel. This shows you are successful and sophisticated enough to understand the legal nature of your business and your relationship with Amazon.

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