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The Importance of Website Terms and Conditions

By John DiGiacomo

If you operate a forum community, social networking website, or e-commerce store, your website terms and conditions could be your best defense against a number of legal pitfalls. A well-drafted website terms and conditions agreement will allow you to control the relationship between you and your users and to ensure that your intellectual property and proprietary rights are protected.

A website terms and conditions agreement is a legal contract that outlines the relationship between your website or e-commerce store and the end user. It controls eligibility for participation in your website, and it sets the terms on which a member account may be created and maintained. Most importantly, it limits your liability for various legal issues, such as the posting of user generated content that may infringe upon the rights of third parties or the violation of the rights of privacy or publicity of other website users.

Finally, a website terms and conditions agreement may also protect your website from theft. Our firm has seen a marked increase in information theft, whether through data scraping or unauthorized access attempts. A well-drafted terms and conditions agreement will increase the likelihood that you will be able to prosecute third parties for these sorts of actions through a breach of contract or other action.

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