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SEC Adopts Crowdfunding Rules

By John DiGiacomo

The Securities and Exchange Committee (SEC) recently voted to adopt a new set of rules that allows for Regulation Crowdfunding (officially, “debt and equity crowdfunding”). Regulation Crowdfunding is a term used to define a middle ground between crowdfunding platforms (like Kickstarter) and public offerings (like IPO’s). While the former sees little regulation, and the latter… READ MORE

Trademark registration for crowdfunding portals

By Eric Misterovich

Brand protection is an important consideration for any business and it holds true for crowdfunding portals. Just like having strong terms of use and privacy policies, trademark registration for crowdfunding portals is an important step in protecting a business. Crowdfunding portals are often designed to raise money for specific niche projects or, many times, social… READ MORE

Privacy policies for crowdfunding portals

By Eric Misterovich

Crowdfunding portals require strong terms of use and privacy policy agreements to protect their business interests. The public is generally aware of the role data collection plays in society and most particularly online. Users are now aware that they are being tracked and that certain data is being collected about them. We believe websites that… READ MORE

Terms of Use Agreements for Crowdfunding Portals

By Eric Misterovich

  The rise of the sharing economy and websites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and GoFundMe have led to the expansion of crowdfunding portals across the internet. Oftentimes, these businesses are centered around a niche area or serve to advance a social cause. Even if these businesses are serving altruistic goals, many times the entities are for-profit… READ MORE

SEC Social Media Guidelines for Crowdfunding

By Eric Misterovich

SEC social media guidelines will have a substantial impact on how Michigan crowdfunding ventures advertise their offerings. Before reviewing the details of the new rules, let’s take a look at Michigan’s crowdfunding law. A Little History & the Dawn of Crowdfunding Traditionally, a small business owner seeking investments went to friends and neighbors pitching an idea until… READ MORE

Crowdfunding and Control of Investors

By Eric Misterovich

  The Michigan Invests Locally Exemption (MILE), gives Michigan businesses and investors an opportunity not available on the federal level: the ability to raise capital by selling equity online. This democratization of funding can cause a fundamental shift in how businesses raise money. But, as with any type of investment, taking other people’s money brings… READ MORE

Equity Crowdfunding in Michigan: The Bad Actor Rule

By Eric Misterovich

Michigan’s equity crowdfunding law, technically referred to as the “Michigan Invests Locally Exemption,” represents a fundamental shift in how businesses can raise capital. The power of turning to the crowd, instead of banks, is an opportunity Michigan businesses have never possessed before. But, equity crowdfunding in Michigan comes with a number of regulations. One of… READ MORE

Michigan Equity Crowdfunding: Regulations on Using Websites to Sell Equity

By Eric Misterovich

While Michigan has democratized raising capital with its passage of the “Michigan Invests Locally Exemption,” it has also placed some, lets say interesting, regulations on the websites that act as a portal or third-party between the issuing company and the investor. If you are considering using Michigan’s crowdfunding process, explained in general here, you should… READ MORE

Equity Crowdfunding in Michigan: The Disclosure Statement

By Eric Misterovich

While businesses and investors are waiting for the SEC to finalize rules to implement equity crowdfunding on a national scale, Michigan businesses and residents can begin utilizing this innovative method of raising money today.   The “Michigan Invests Locally Exemption” now permits Michigan businesses and citizens to use the power of the Michigan-crowd to offer,… READ MORE

Terms of Service Agreements for Crowdfunding Platforms

By Eric Misterovich

Terms of Service (“TOS”), sometimes referred to as terms of use agreements, are the ubiquitous footer link that typically contains a large block of text, often ignored by users (and sometimes website operators). However, the importance of these agreements should not be overlooked for any website. And terms of service agreements for crowdfunding platforms should… READ MORE