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How Much Does it Cost to Trademark a Logo?

By John DiGiacomo

The cost to trademark a logo involves filing fees for registration with the US Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) and attorneys’ fees. If you want to register a logo, call Revision Legal at 231-714-0100 or 855-473-8474. We are trademark and internet lawyers with proven experience in getting trademarks registered quickly and without complications.


In general, the USPTO fee is either $250 or $350 per trademark class that you want to be associated with your trademark. Trademark registration applications are now done electronically and there are two versions that can be used: Trademark Electronic Application System (“TEAS”) plus (costing $250 per class) and TEAS standard (costing $350 per class). See here for the USPTO fee schedule (click on “Trademark Fees”).

As noted, the USPTO fees depend on how many trademark classes you choose. Generally, each trademark must be registered with at least one trademark class. For example, the general trademark class for a video game logo is 009. There are 45 general trademark classes, so any given trademarked logo could be used for more than one trademark class.

Attorneys’ Fees for the Application

Experienced trademark attorneys often charge a flat fee for the filing process (excluding legal services related to any complications that your application might face). Trademarking a logo is more complicated since what is being trademarked is a design or image. Thus, the flat fees charged for trademarking a logo tend to be higher than trademarking a phrase or word. Flat fees for trademarking a logo range from $950 to $2,000 and often include a trademark conflict search service. A logo cannot be registered if it is the same as a logo that has already been registered or that is being used (even if not registered) or that is “confusingly similar” to a registered trademark. Thus, before filing for registration, a conflict search must be done.

Attorneys’ Fees for Legal Challenges or Other Complications

If your trademark application faces a legal challenge or other complications from the USPTO examiner, then legal services will generally be charged hourly. Most trademark attorneys charge between $300 and $600 an hour.

Do I Need a Lawyer to File a Trademark?

No, there is no legal requirement that you hire a trademark attorney to file for a federal trademark.

Should I Hire a Lawyer for Trademarking a Logo?

Yes. You want your trademark registered as quickly as possible and you want it done right! This means a mistake-free application, payment of the proper fees, and resolving — upfront — potential problems with your logo and application. For example, if your logo contains an element that cannot be trademarked — like a common word — an experienced trademark lawyer will include a disclaimer statement with the application. This will prevent rejection by the USPTO on the basis of trying to trademark something that cannot be registered.

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