Business Law: Leases and the Defense of Impossibility Due to COVID-19

Not every claim for breach of contract will lead to an adverse judgment. There are some legal defenses that can be asserted including a claim of “impossibility.” The defense of impossibility is potentially available in a public health circumstance like the current COVID-19 pandemic. As an example, assume a business has been declared by state… READ MORE

Michigan Sales Representative Commission Act

If you are a sales representative in Michigan that gets paid by commission, then Michigan law has you covered!  Michigan’s Sales Representative Commission Act (SRCA) protects sales representatives’ rights to their commissions by giving them legal recourse if their employer does not pay.  Sales representatives qualify for protection under the SRCA if they are employed… READ MORE

Benefits of Forming a Limited Liability Company

Limited liability companies, or LLCs, are the most modern form of business entity. Consequently, LLCs provide their members with several benefits that are not found in older business entity forms, such as corporations or partnerships. These benefits include: Limited liability, which protects the personal assets, such as a personal bank account or house, of the… READ MORE

Business Lawyer

Revision Legal’s business lawyers are experts in business formation, startups, corporate financing, and corporate governance. Our attorneys can help you navigate the business legal landscape from startup to acquisition or sale. Whether you are looking to form an LLC or corporation, add a partner, understand your pre-money valuation, or negotiate with angel investors and venture… READ MORE

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