international sale of goods

What is Convention/Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (“CISG”)?

Most businesses are familiar with basic US business contracts and with the Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”). Unless your business involves a significant component of international transactions, you may not be familiar with the Convention/Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (“CISG”). CISG law and CISG forms govern international sales of commercial goods, but not services,… READ MORE

what can you trademark

What Can You Trademark? The Scope and Limits of Trademark Law

You’ve got the next big idea for an online business. The idea that’s going to spark a revolution and change lives. The only problem? Protecting your idea. That’s where a trademark can help. But if you’re still wondering, “What can you trademark, anyway?” you may not have the first clue where to begin. Here, we’re… READ MORE

How to Buy an Online Business and Receive More Profit

Do you notice an online business you would like to buy? Before you make an offer, know how to buy an online business. Here are tips to receive more profit. Wondering how to make more money without doing more work? You might want to buy an online business. Every 30 seconds, over $1.2 million dollars… READ MORE

Medical Marijuana Business Formation: What You Need To Know

This is part 1 of 10 of Revision Legal’s guide to setting up a Medical Marijuana business in the State of Michigan. This article provides an overview of issues you will need to address for medical marijuana business formation. Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA) sets a licensing framework for the growing, processing, transporting,… READ MORE

9 Steps to Business Success

So, you have a great business idea. Great! What now? Below are 9 steps that will help guide your idea from light bulbs to a profitable business. Step 1: Identify a Brand Name Branding is important and any new idea needs a name. There are many details that come into play when choosing a brand… READ MORE

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