research and development

Trade Secrets Misappropriation Damages can Include Estimated R&D Costs

A federal Court of Appeals has recently affirmed that damages for trade secret misappropriation can include estimated costs for research and development (and also a hefty award of punitive damages). See Epic Systems Corporation v. Tata Consultancy Services, Ltd., Case Nos. 19-1528; 19-1613 (7th Cir., August 20, 2020). That case involved the Wisconsin version of… READ MORE

zoom call

Using Teleconferencing Software can Put Your Trade Secrets At Risk

Trade secrets are valuable business assets protected under both federal and state laws. Trade secrets are any sort of information — like a formula, process, business method, spreadsheet, data compilation or list — that has economic value from not being generally known and that is subject to reasonable efforts to keep the information secret. In… READ MORE

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