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Libel In the Internet: How Do I Deal With It?

When you are faced with Internet defamation or online libel, it’s important to know the elements of defamation so that you can collect the evidence needed to prove your case. In most states, the elements of defamation are the following:

Removing Defamation from ComplaintsBoard and RipOffReport

Since the enactment of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (“CDA”), many online service providers have decided that they carry absolute immunity from defamation claims. Is this really the case though? and are two service providers that offer a forum for unhappy customers to post about poor experiences they have with companies…. READ MORE

Free Speech Rights Do Not Protect You Against Defamatory Statements You Make

Unhappy consumers take to the Internet and social media all the time. It’s commonplace today for a person irritated by a flight delay to post on Twitter, or someone that received poor service in a restaurant to leave a damning review on a consumer based website. But, what happens when the complaint lodged against the service provider isn’t true? The answer is that you get sued, and the First Amendment won’t protect you.

finding identity in defamation cases

Finding Identity in Internet Defamation Cases

Anonymity is a blessing and a curse, allowing us to hide behind our computers and electronic devices, creating whatever image and identity we wish to portray. “Screen names” offer a form of protection to Internet users, so when an anonymous defamatory post is made, tracking down the user can feel like an almost impossible task.

defamation and the communications decency act

Defamation and the Communications Decency Act

Due to the major expansion of social media channels and online forums on the Internet in recent years, the issue of defamation has taken on a new face. Defamation is a problem that has existed for decades, but only in recent years has it started to und…

internet defamation who to sue

Who Do I Sue if I Don’t Know Who Defamed?

Defamation that takes place online is a big problem in the Internet Age. Chat rooms, message boards, and websites like Facebook and Twitter don’t always require users to provide their real names, which can make finding someone online a real challenge. So what happens when a victim of online defamation doesn’t actually know who defamed them?

Newspaper Defamation Claim Fails

Sir Elton John’s newspaper defamation claim against the times of India has failed. The Times of India reports that the High Court of India has the statements made by the Times of India, specifically, that Elton John had engaged in tax avoidance, were incapable of a defamatory meaning. Though the article did not specifically mention… READ MORE

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