Libel In the Internet: How Do I Deal With It?

When you are faced with Internet defamation or online libel, it’s important to know the elements of defamation so that you can collect the evidence needed to prove your case. In most states, the elements of defamation are the following:

Removing Defamation from ComplaintsBoard and RipOffReport

Since the enactment of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (“CDA”), many online service providers have decided that they carry absolute immunity from defamation claims. Is this really the case though?

Newspaper Defamation Claim Fails

Sir Elton John’s newspaper defamation claim against the times of India has failed. The Times of India reports that the High Court of India has the statements made by the Times of India, specifically, that Elton John had engaged in tax avoidance, were incapable of a defamatory meaning. Though the article did not specifically mention… READ MORE

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